About the PIPP RFP

On March 2, 2016, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio issued a Finding and Order in Case No. 16-247-EL-UNC, finding that each electric utility should implement a RFP process to serve percentage of income payment plan (PIPP) load in the electric utility's service territory. The Order states that the RFP should be implemented immediately to procure supply for the amount of PIPP load that would otherwise have been included in the utility's next SSO auction. No changes will be made to currently effective SSO supply contracts. The RFPs will be developed by the electric utilities, in consultation with Staff, and conducted in conjunction with their upcoming RFPs. As a result of this order, PIPP load will not be included as part of the SSO load in AES Ohio’s April 2017 CBP auctions. The full Finding and Order is available here:

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